Wholesale Backpack manufacturer in China

We offer various types of backpacks for men and women, from travel security bags to waterproof backpacks, from travel canvas backpacks to Pu leather backpacks. There are many more backpack types available to meet your various needs.

Hiking backpacks are designed for comfort, proper weight distribution and toughness. Unlike travel backpacks, hiking backpacks will have enhanced features such as full-size hip belts, shoulder and back suspension systems and plenty of weight-bearing straps to reduce discomfort. Of course, top-down packing is less convenient for accessing your gear, but it’s an important part of proper weight distribution. A good compromise is to get a hiking backpack with a side load entry. High capacity range backpacks with more advanced suspension systems.

The backpacks that we manufacture as backpack wholesalers are made from a variety of materials such as velvet, leather or synthetic materials that are high quality, weather resistant and long lasting. Contact us for more information and discounts on backpacks.

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