Jun 17, 2021 | News

Hello, Summer! The heat is sizzling and your A/C is on. Whether you’re in your car during a summer road-trip or in your home, you’re trying to stay cool. However, you don’t have to always hide from the heat. The outdoors is still welcoming you with open arms! Being prepared is key to avoid dehydration, sunburn, heat stroke and more. We put together a short list of tips for you to help you survive a hot weather hike this summer.

Avoid hiking between 12PM-3PM – The sun’s UV rays are the strongest during those hours. Earlier or later is best. Plus, the best time for that photo op! Catch the sunrise or the sunset – but don’t forget your headlamp and bug spray! Insects are buzzing about more during those hours.

Hike in shaded areas carry a hydration backpack – Keep sipping! Our hydration packs are perfect for your hike, like the  Amazing Action Hydration Backpack shown here! This pack can carry 2-liters of water and has 3.6L of storage for your valuables. It’ s one of our fan favorites! Avoiding dehydration is key. If you are dehydrated, it means your body is losing more water than it’s taking in. Make sure you drink plenty before you set foot on the trail too!

So, don’t let the heat lock you away this summer. There are blue skies, chirping birds, and a bright sun ready for you! Be prepared, grab your Outdoor Products hydration pack, and enjoy!

Hydration backpack