Lightweight Waterproof Travel Foldable Backpack


600D 2 Tone Weave/PU





Lightweight Waterproof Travel Foldable Backpack

Product Description

Foldable storage design: This backpack adopts a special foldable storage design. When unfolded, it is a large-capacity backpack. When you put it away, it is only palm-sized.
Size and material: When the backpack is folded, the size is only 29*16*40.5cm.the fabric very light, It does not add any excess weight. It is made of water-repellent material and can be easily waterproof. Thefabric allows you to fold it Will produce more creases.
Use scenarios: travel, mountaineering, picnic, cycling, fishing, a variety of applicable scenarios, allowing you to free your hands, embrace the world, and freely share the joy of outdoor life.
Scientific compartmentalization and reliable backpack: The backpack has an intimate computer compartment, which can perfectly protect your laptop and valuables. The high-quality zipper is durable and smooth. Super adjustable buckle, so you don’t need to worry about the risk of breaking.

Namefoldabble backpack
Item No.AA-1816301
Material600D cation snow fabric
ServiceOEM,ODM design,Buyer logo serivce



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