What is the principle of Cooler Bag?

May 4, 2023 | News

There are thermal insulation materials in the cooler bag. The thermal conductivity of this material is relatively low, which blocks the contact with the air, so that the temperature inside the bag is gathered in the bag, and can not be directly dispersed. In this way, the temperature loss time in the bag is extended, and the purpose of thermal insulation is achieved. Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation bag material is poor, and the heat dissipation is slow.

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Characteristics of cooler bag:

  • Keep heat and cold

Heat and cold preservation is the most basic function of thermal insulation bag. It is a special bag with short-term thermal insulation effect, which can protect cold/heat. The thermal insulation layer of the product is pearl cotton + aluminum foil, which can provide good thermal insulation effect.

  • Durable

To have superior impact resistance, pressure or impact is not easy to break, will not leave a scratch.

  • Sealing

This is the first consideration when choosing thermal insulation bag. Although different brands of products seal in different ways, but sealing is the memory of food lasting conditions.

  • Preservation

The international standard for sealing measurement is to assess the permeability test. The permeability test of high-quality insulation bag is 200 times lower than that of similar products, which can keep things fresh for a longer time.

Note of cooler bag:

forbidden open flame contact or sharp cutting tools.

Avoid long-term exposure to rain, humidity and sunlight, which will affect the insulation effect.

The holding time of the bag depends on a number of factors, including the material and size of the bag, the thickness of the insulation layer, the temperature of the item to be insulated, and so on. Generally speaking, high-quality insulation bags can keep heat for several hours to dozens of hours.

The holding time of the bag is also affected by the environment in which it is used. If the temperature of the items to be insulated in the insulation bag is higher, then the insulation time is shorter; The lower the ambient temperature, the longer the holding time. In addition, the degree of air flow inside the bag will also affect the insulation effect.