What are the shoulder ways on the backpack?

Jun 13, 2023 | News

The upper shoulder and lower shoulder of the backpack are the basic movements of using a large backpack. The more common way to shoulder is: lunge with both feet, hold the shoulder strap with both hands to lift the backpack on the thigh of the front foot, one hand into the shoulder strap with one shoulder to support the backpack, and then the other hand quickly into the other side of the shoulder strap to complete the shoulder shoulder movement. Another commonly used shoulder way is: drag the backpack to a higher place, people as long as a little squat can put both hands into the shoulder strap at the same time, after standing up to complete the shoulder action. Do not rush forward after the completion of the upper shoulder action, and make appropriate adjustments to the various adjustment belts of the backpack to move forward with the most comfortable carrying condition. The lower shoulder of the backpack is a reverse action, put down the backpack should be gently put down, heavy fall is easy to damage the backpack. The second way on the shoulder not only saves effort, but also can be used as a short rest without putting down the backpack, we often rest on the way to the large backpack against the roadside higher place. To facilitate the loading and unloading of the backpack or not put down.

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Are you really doing the backpack position right?

Backpack and shoulder bag are commonly used in our daily life, but the correct backpack posture is a problem that many people ignore. In order to avoid the discomfort and injury caused by carrying a backpack for a long time, this article introduces the correct posture for carrying a backpack and a shoulder bag. For a backpack, you need to adjust the length of the shoulder strap, use a belt, evenly distribute the weight, etc., while for a shoulder bag, you need to choose the right shoulder strap and side shoulder, adjust the length of the shoulder strap, regular rest, etc. At the same time, do not be overweight, but also adjust the position of the backpack and shoulder strap length regularly to ensure comfort and even distribution of weight.

Proper posture for carrying a backpack

Adjust the length of the shoulder strap: First, adjust the shoulder strap to the right length, so that the backpack is tight on the back, the shoulder strap is not tight or too loose, and the shoulder feels comfortable. Use a belt: If the backpack is equipped with a belt, the belt should be placed around the waist, transferring some of the weight to the hips and reducing the burden on the shoulders. Evenly distribute the weight: try to distribute the weight evenly on both sides of the backpack to reduce the sense of imbalance when carrying.

What you need to pay attention to: Don’t be overweight: Carrying excess weight in a backpack not only easily leads to discomfort and fatigue, but also causes damage to the back. Do not carry for a long time: carrying for a long time will cause pressure on the shoulders, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and other parts, and should be avoided as much as possible. To adjust the backpack regularly: During the carrying process, the position of the backpack and the length of the shoulder strap should be adjusted regularly to ensure the comfort of the back and even distribution of weight.