What are the recommended multi-functional mini travel backpacks?

Nov 16, 2022 | News

Most of the time, the material requirements of travel backpack supplier customization are mainly towards light, wear-resistant and durable types. When the travel backpack goes out to use the luggage items, the weight of the luggage itself is relatively heavy. If the material fabric itself is significant, resulting in the weight of the travel bag. And the burden on the backpacker, it is not good. Therefore, in order to reduce the weight, the travel backpack has to start from the source material. Choose lightweight fabrics, so that the backpack weight can reduce the weight. To meet such requirements of the fabric, nylon fabric is a very good choice.

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Nylon fabric is a light fabric, the production of the bag weight will be more lightweight than other fabrics produced. Moreover, nylon fabric has good permeability, feel comfortable, high wear resistance, good elasticity and other characteristics. Especially the high-density nylon fabric, excellent wear resistance. And the hygroscopicity of nylon fabric in the synthetic fiber fabric is a better variety. So the bag made of nylon will be more comfortable and breathable. Used to customize the travel bag, nylon fabric is more in line with the requirements of lightweight, durable travel bag. Custom travel bag made of nylon fabric, due to the elasticity of nylon fabric. When storing luggage items, the backpack also has a certain elastic space to expand, which can accommodate more luggage items and very convenient to travel.

Recommended Features:

  1. Sports and leisure design, light, comfortable travel.
  2. The backpack is made of high quality nylon fabric, which is durable and water-proof.
  3. For the right size, the short trip is very portable.
  4. There is an independent partition layer at the bottom of the backpack, which can independently place shoes or toiletries, and it is very convenient to classify and receive travel items.
  5. Backpacks and anti-theft storage bag, mobile phones, wallets and other valuables can be placed in them to protect property safety.