Mommy Bag Exporter Suggests How To Choose A Suitable Mommy Bag?

Nov 2, 2022 | News

In order to help the majority of mothers share their worries, mommy bag exporters have carefully screened nearly 100 products on the market. They measured 17 mommy bags in 5 price points. Below lists mommy bags that looks good and not expensive.

Storage capacity is key

To evaluate the storage of a mommy bag, first understand what you need to go out. At different stages of a baby’s growth, the category and quantity of needs will constantly change. So the mommy bag must have the following conditions:

  • Space to be large and reasonable, both to ensure that enough to fit, and not too large to lead to space waste;
  • The structure layout is reasonable and easy to store and take out.

Comfort is important

When the mother goes out to take the baby, she often takes the wipes, diapers, bottles and other baby needs out of the bag. Think about how embarrassing it would be if the mother was holding the baby and her shoulders were sore and painful, if the zipper of the mommy bag was difficult to open at this time, or if she couldn’t find what she was looking for for for a while.
Therefore, for mommy bag exporter, there are some hard conditions that directly affect the use experience must be met:
Generally speaking, there are three kinds of sealing forms: zipper, magnet and velcro.
More recommended zipper way, more reliable, items are not easy to spill.
And the magnet seal is not strong. Velcro with a long time will stick to dirty things. Unsanitary and sealing effect will decline, so are not recommended.

Material safety and quality

Mommy bags should have to hold baby’s essentials. Babies like to put everything in their mouths. So mommy bags should avoid any potentially harmful chemicals.
Antibacterial, no odor, no BPA, using organic cotton material Mommy bag has higher safety.
In addition, we strongly recommend a lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean mommy bag. Because the use of the mommy bag leads to it being contaminated with a lot of dirty things. Because it is impossible to throw the mummy bag into the washing machine, the surface and lining must be easy to scrub.

In line with the use of custom style

The style of the mummy bag is divided into four categories according to the back method:

  1. Backpack
  2. Handbag
  3. The single shoulder bag
  4. Cart hanging bag

Choose which kind of mommy bag needs to be decided according to personal habits, and it is best to carry it on your own.

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