Laptop backpack or handbag is better

Jun 7, 2023 | News

I believe that many people have encountered this problem when choosing a computer bag, and this struggle, do not know which specific choice is better. In fact, the choice of computer bag whether portable or double shoulder, the key also has to choose according to their actual use, preferences, suitable for their own is good.

For workers who take public transport every morning and evening during rush hour, carrying laptops, files and personal items such as mobile phones and wallets, a laptop bag is more appropriate than a laptop bag. For one thing, the shoulder computer bag has a larger capacity, which can hold more items to carry. Second, the shoulder computer bag can shoulder, on the way to work more easy and labor-saving, not easy to be crowded when riding the bag, but also free hands to do other things, more convenient and practical. In addition, if users often need to travel for short distances, a shoulder computer bag can store one or two sets of luggage, clothing, computer and some documents, a package to manage the need for travel, really convenient.

A smaller laptop bag is also a good choice if you don’t need to carry a laptop and documents with you on your daily commute. Nowadays, many laptop bags are simple business style, which is also very suitable for working formal wear. The overall business sense of laptop bag will be stronger than the shoulder computer bag, more formal, with formal wear, help to improve the user’s personal temperament, more suitable for some business occasions.

The existence of computer bag, in addition to portable computers, more important is to protect the computer from damage in the process of carrying. Therefore, the protective performance of the computer bag is an important index to choose the computer bag. The protective performance of the computer bag can be investigated from impact resistance, water resistance, strong and durable, and the setting of inner functional insulation layer. For example, the computer bag has strong impact resistance and anti-fall protection device inside, so as to ensure that the computer will not be damaged when accidentally dropped to the ground. Good waterproof performance, in order to ensure that in the outdoor environment, if it rains suddenly, can protect the computer in the package within a certain period of time from being invaded by rain and so on.

Travel anti-thief Man Backpacks

Key points of purchase:

1.Clearly choose the purpose of the computer bag

There are two main types: ordinary computer bags and business computer bags. Ordinary computer bag more consider the protection of the computer; Business computer package has a computer layer and a file layer, more consideration of documents and computer outside the classification of business items.

2. Look at the fabric of the computer bag

The higher the density of the material, the more wear-resistant, the smoother the feel, and the better the waterproof and dustproof performance. So in the purchase of computer bag, should try to choose those who use high-density material computer bag, so as to fully protect the notebook.

3. Whether the pocket layout is reasonable

When choosing a business bag, pay attention to the choice of details, business bag inside the small money bag, key hook, insert pen bag, file bag, computer compartment and even cigarette and lighter pockets are reasonable design and design.