Choosing The Right Travel Backpack

Mar 29, 2024 | News

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long backpacking trip around Europe, choosing the right travel backpack is essential. A good backpack from Wholesale Travel Backpack suppliers will comfortably carry all your essential items while allowing you to wander hands-free. Here are some tips for finding the perfect backpack for your travels.

19 Inch Expandable Durable Carry-on Multipurpose Travel Business backpack
19 Inch Expandable Durable Carry-on Multipurpose Travel Business backpack


The size and capacity of your backpack should match the length and style of your trip. Weekend or short city breaks require 30-40 liters of space, while multi-week trips through multiple destinations want 45-65 liters. Backpacking longer trails or working holidays may need 70 liters or more. Consider all the gear, clothing, and souvenirs you plan to carry and size up accordingly.

Quality Materials

Look for backpacks made from durable, water-resistant fabrics like polyester, nylon or waxed cotton. These materials will better withstand wet and damp conditions while maintaining lighter weight. Backpacks with quality zippers and solid straps will last through years of heavy use. Reinforced seams and weatherproof zipper closures prevent leaks.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort should be the top priority. External and padded shoulder straps, a well-contoured back panel with ventilation, and a waist belt all work together to distribute weight comfortably across your body. Try several backpacks on with weight inside to test fit. Internal frames provide sturdy support while allowing the pack to breathe against your back. Hip belts can help stabilize heavy loads.

Pockets and Organization

External pockets let you quickly access items like tickets, phones, and wetlayers while on the go. Internal organizations like segmented compartments, pockets, and sleeves help keep smaller items separated and easy to find. Bonus features might include rain covers, luggage pass-throughs, and padded sleeves for laptops or tablets.


Beginner travels can find decent backpacks in the $50-100 range from brands like SwissGear, Osprey, or Cerberus. Those venturing off the beaten path or frequently traveling may prefer investing $100-300 in high-end durable models from The North Face, Osprey, Kelty or Patagonia. Beyond functionality, consider resale value as backpacks this robust tend to hold their worth.

Choosing the right travel backpack comes down to properly assessing your trip needs and priorities. Test various models at your local sporting goods store with weight inside. With the perfect bag, you’ll wander hands-free for miles to come!