Can a shoulder bag be high or low

Jun 5, 2023 | News

Wearing a single shoulder bag can lead to high and low shoulders. If you wear a shoulder bag for a long time, it may lead to continuous downward pressure on one side of the shoulder, which may lead to an involuntary lowering of the shoulder, especially when you use a shoulder bag for a long time to carry heavy loads. In addition, if you carry a shoulder bag for a long time, you will unconsciously use the shoulder force on this side, which may cause the shoulder to become high. Therefore, do not carry a shoulder bag for a long time, and in the backpack, as far as possible to alternate the use of both sides of the shoulder to backpack.

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How to Make a shoulder Bag

1, the table cloth, cloth with double-sided tape and cotton scalding together and press line, and then fold in half is 42 by 39 cm. And mark the intersection of the left and right center points 4 cm from the crease;

2. Place the outer pocket cloth with the lining and lace sewn on the marks noted in the previous step. And sew the seal;

3, the pressure on the backpack belt on both sides of the cloth like the center of the fold. Sew the two sides on the backpack belt, and then sew the two ends of the backpack belt together, the backpack on the sewn table cloth to press the two sides of the pocket, the joint of the backpack on the bottom of the center of the bag;

4. In the two cars of the backpack belt, pay attention not to sew to the position of the bag mouth, about 10 cm away from the bag mouth can be stitched, the bag is folded in half to sew the side seam on both sides;

5. Press a triangle out of the bottom corner, draw the width of the bottom 4cm and sew it well, and then turn the bag over after sewing the bottom, so that the basic shape of the bag comes out;

6. Sew the lining cloth in the same way and put it in the semi-finished bag. Hem the mouth of the bag, hem it again, and sew the long zippers together by pressing them inside. Sew around the edge of the bag for another week, so the shoulder bag is finished.